WOD DU 09/05/22

MOVE HEAVY SHIT5 Rounds For Time :Run 400m5-4-3-2-1 Squat Clean @80% 1RM du jour

WOD DU 30/04/22

With Partner…For Time :90 SA DB Overhead Lunges26 Bar Muscle Ups60 SA DB Overhead Lunges18 Bar Muscle Ups30 SA DB Overhead Lunges10 Bar Muscle Ups

WOD DU 29/04/22

WORK, REST AND REPEAT4 Rounds For Time :A. Run 200mB. 15 Wall BallC. 15 Hang Power SnatchD. 15 HSPUrest 2:00 b/t RoundsSet #1 : ABCDSet #2 : BDACSet #3 : DACBSet #4 : CADB

WOD DU 28/04/22

THE EMOM CLUB25 Minute EMOM:16/12 calorie row12/9 calorie assault bike10/7 calorie ski erg200m run30-50 double unders

WOD DU 27/04/22

GRINDERFor Time :100 Strict Press*every break : 5/4 Strict Pull-UpsPuis…400m Farmer Walk – Heavy

WOD DU 26/04/22

SWEATA) AMRAP 5min10 Back Rack Lunges10 « A » Squats+rest 3min+B) EMOM 5min : 12/9 Cals Row+rest 3min+C) AMRAP 5min8 Front Squat10 HR Pushups